Guest Writer: Taylor Bannick!

We have a special guest author this week: Taylor Bannick! Taylor is 10 years old and is a member of MVRU's club team. She has a special bond with Annie B's horse, Brushy, and spends as much time helping at the ranch as she can! Taylor was inspired by Christa's stories and wanted to write one of her own.

The Getaway, by Taylor Bannick

Little Black was quietly munching on grass while Carmie was peacefully sleeping. Suddenly, Little Black heard something coming from down the road. It was late at night and Little Black could hardly see. "Who's there?" he asked suspiciously. "Little Black, come to the gate!" whispered the voice eagerly. Little Black's eyes went wide, "Homer, is that you? What are you doing here?" "No time to talk. We have to go!" Homer said, hardly getting the words out of his mouth. Homer quickly opened the gate thanks to Wall*E and Paddy's gate demonstration. Then the both started prancing down the street. 

"If I'm going to do this you at least have to tell me why I'm doing it," Little Black said desperately trying not to stumble on the hard concrete road. "Well, you and I haven't had much time to spend with each other lately, so I thought we could take a little trip down to the Rossi's!" Homer blurted excitedly. Little Black stopped. "What's wrong Little Black?" asked Homer, "You love the Rossi's." Little Black put his ears back and frowned. "I heard that the Rossi's has been sold," said Little Black. Homer rolled his eyes. "That's just a rumor. Learn to live a little!" "Fine," mumbled Little Black. 

The two friends had just passed Kameron's house when Little Black stopped once again. "You're not turning back now, are you? We've gotten so far!" shouted Homer. "I. Am. Not. As. Young. As I used to be!" Little Black said, gasping for air. Little Black finally said something. "Okay, I'm ready. But let's walk this time." 

After about an hour of walking and eating, they were finally at the Rossi's. But to their surprise, the stars and moon were gone. Morning was starting to come. "We probably still have a few hours until Annie B will be at the ranch."

"Hey, who's that!?" shouted Homer. Little Black looked up. "Don't know, don't care." "Come on, let's go check it out!" Homer mumbled, prancing down the driveway. Little Black looked up once again. "Hey wait!" He took off at a trot. Homer walked up to the strange horse. "Who are you!" Homer shouted. The plump horse looked up from the grass and happily said, "The name's Rowdy, and believe it or not, I used to be a barrel racer." "I don't believe it," mumbled Little Black. "Did you say something, Blackie?" said Rowdy sarcastically. "My name is Little Black, thank you very much." 

"Where did you come from?" asked Homer. "I'm Jamie's horse. But if you want information about my owner, go to Rusty. He's in the pasture next to mine," said Rowdy heading for the grass. "Thanks!' Homer said, walking away with Little Black. 

"What do you want?" asked the light sorrel horse. Little Black stepped forward. "Can you just tell my friend who your owner is so we can go home?" "Well my name is Rusty, and I'm a racehorse..." "Oh, oh, we don't know any racehorses, Little Black! This is so exciting!" blurted Homer. Rusty looked disgusted. "I wasn't finished talking! So, as I was saying, I'm a racehorse and my owner's name is Jamie. That's all you need to know." "Do you mind if we take a look around?" asked Homer. "Sure, see if I care," mumbled Rusty, going back to eating. 

Little Black and Homer looked around. "Hey, what's that!?" Little Black said, trotting towards the house. Homer looked towards Little Black, "I'm coming!" 

Little Black and Homer looked at the house. Homer couldn't believe his eyes. All the rumors had been true! The Rossi's house was sold. "Come on Homer, let's go home," Little Black said with a shrug. The two friends turned around, both with frowns. 

As they were walking home, they noticed that the sun was beginning to rise. "That was a waste of time," mumbled Homer. "It wasn't that bad," Little Black said, trying to be supportive of his friend. Suddenly, they heard something. "What was that!" shouted Little Black. 

"Little Black, Homer, it's me, Carmie!" Little Black looked surprised, "Carmie! What are you doing out here!" "I was just about to ask you the same thing. I woke up and I didn't see you anywhere. But, I did notice that the gate was open. I went and looked out on the street, and there were hoofprints going down the road! I followed them till I got here," explained Carmie. 

"Oh," mumbled Little Black. "But, I have some other news, too. Last night, Wall*E got into the chicken house and left the door open! He might have left some grain! Unless you guys are too full from being at the Rossi's," said Carmie with a grin, "Didn't you guys know that it had been sold?" "It's a long story. And I want to get to the grain before Annie B gets here!" Little Black said, picking up a trot. Homer and Carmie followed. 

As the three friends got to the chicken house, they noticed that the door was closed. "Well," said Homer, "I guess we'll have to open the door ourselves." Carmie stepped forward, "I'll help Homer. You just watch!" "Okay," said Little Black, confused. Homer and Carmie worked together to open the door. When it was open, out jumped Buttons, Sparks, Berry, Ginger, Finesse, Wall*E, Paddy, Forest, Myles, Brushy and Traveller, and they all yelled, "Surprise!" "What's this all for?" asked Little Black. "Your birthday of course!" said Wall*E. And one by one, each horse said happy birthday to Little Black, and got some grain from the bucket. 


  1. thank you for putting up my story!

    1. Awesome drawings Taylor were famous I wrote the Forest story!


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