Guest Writer: Nevaeh Yoakum!

We have a special guest writer for our blog! Nevaeh Yoakum was inspired by Christa's stories and felt compelled to write her own. We thought we would share her talent with all of you! If you would like us to read your stories and/or artwork, send them via email to

Nevaeh's Story

Forest looked around the paddock and sighed another day alone without the kids wandering around doing little chores to help everyone out while seeing the horses. Another day stuck with his pasture mates and not seeing the cars roll by... Another day of loneliness.

Forest decided that today was not going to be a day where they hung around in the pastures, of course, the party 3 weeks ago and Homer’s surprise 2 weeks ago was fun but he missed the kids roaming around the ranch every Wednesday. Forest had watched the sun come up and Annie’s car pull in the driveway and every little normal thing that happened each morning. He decided that they were going to have some fun today or maybe tonight he would have to figure out what though. Forest looked around when he spotted Buttons getting tacked up by Kameron. Then it came to him why not do a little midnight stroll or more like a midnight gallop! Forest could feel his Thoroughbred blood getting to him he hadn’t actually ran in a long time. But he would have to wait until nightfall, but he would tell everyone when Annie and Jared were eating lunch so he wouldn’t get caught.

Nevaeh's lovely artwork!
Forest danced around on the spot like a dressage horse doing a piaffe. Except he was more excited about a midnight gallop then having the crowds watching his every movement. Forest got bored of waiting around so he gave a little buck and cantered around the pasture. And when he heard the sound of hay getting thrown into pastures he cantered to the gate and did a sorta sliding stop and tossed his head. He would need his energy for the gallop tonight. “Can you stop acting like a colt and stand still” snapped Ginger, she sure liked her food. Forest stopped dancing and stood still but still tossed his head waiting for his food. When Jared threw his food in the pasture and replied to his enthusiasm “why aren’t you acting like a stallion” chuckled and gave him a pat on the neck before he dived into his food. Forest decided to take a nap until lunch, he knew that he would be woken up because there would be no noise and the horses would be chattering away. Forest layed down and felt the sunshine overtake his body.

Forest woke with a jolt and the horses were chattering away about some carrots Sparks had found. Forest trotted over to his gate and started messing with the lock with his upper lip. The horses had gotten a lock picking lesson from Homer and Little Black a couple of days before Homer’s surprise and the horses hadn’t been getting out as much usually from Kameron or Annie so they got out on their own. All the horses stopped talking when Forest opened the gate and gripped the top with his teeth so no one would hear the screech of the gate when it opened. Buttons was the first to speak who had apparently come back from a brief exercise. “What are you doing Kam, Annie, and Jared will be out here in a jiffy if they catch you,” she asked looking toward where they ate lunch.

Forest looked at his friends and said back “I have something to say and I’ll keep it brief so no one will catch me” He waited for a reply but everyone just nodded. “He walked into the middle of the walkway and said, “I know we all are super bored with our friends gone even though they are safe at home, I know we all have nothing to do, and I wanted to give a big thanks to Homer and Little Black for keeping us from chasing our tails like dogs.” All the horses gave a brief whinny and stomped the ground. Then Forest continued. “I’ve come up with an idea how about we go for a midnight gallop up where Whiskey and Carmie are or we could go to the jump field, as we did on the last day with the kids last year. What do you guys think” Forest looked around at his buddies “I don’t know Forest we all have things to do and what if Buttons, Paddy, and you get stains on your white coats,”  said Ginger “and Kam might catch us,” Berry said shifting hoof to hoof “Why do you think it's called a midnight ride. Everyone will be asleep common, Buttons what do you think” Forest said hopefully. “I don’t know It does sound really fun… Let’s do it I'll tell the others” Buttons said trotting away from the group to Myles, Marley, Brushy, and Willy. Forest started back to his pasture and called over his shoulder “All of you are going even you ginger I know you have those new books stashed somewhere” Forest said as he locked the gate again with his lips. He turned around and rubbed his head against a wooden post to get an itch. Now just to wait. He thought.

Night came and all the horses were ready to go. They had a plan set out, Forest would lead the way and brushy would cover up his flea-bitten one with his shiny chestnut one. Everybody would pair up in teams of 2 and they would go up to Carmie and Whiskeys paddock and hang out with them then sneak out to the Jump field jump a few fences and Go for a wild gallop Then sneak back up to Carmie and Whiskey because they were on the opposite side of the property, go back to the pastures and get a night to rest after the fun.  Everyone met by the Chicken house where tater tot was finishing up the last of the meal watching them. “Pair up we gotta move” Forest and Brushy took the lead and started trotting Brushy undid the lock and it swung open and all the horses cantered through. Marley who was Carmi’s son galloped to meet his dam again. With the reunion, Marley said he would catch up.

So everybody went along to the jump field. Buttons raced ahead and cantered all the way to the jump field. She took the first jump she says with ease. Showing off to the other horses. She went back to them and bowed. “Your welcome now let’s go down to the end of the field” Buttons snorted and led the way. Little Black rolled his eyes and snorted “Buttons is no fun” he mumbled to Berry. She laughed “Get used to it old man,” Berry said and bumped his side with her rump. Here we go again with the bossing around by younger horses he thought. But rolled his eyes and picked up his pace.
Everyone was ready to start the gallop when they heard hoofbeats. “LOOK ITS MARLEY WAIT” Finesse yelled after the horses. All the horses laughed when they saw Marley jump and land on his legs next to Forest. “Ready? You're gonna have to beat me, I’m made for racing in my blood” He Exclaimed proudly to Marley, “Never better” Marley answered and pawed the ground. “Then let’s GO” Forest yelled to his buddies.

The horses took off. They all knew where the finish line was back home… They went around the field once then took the way they came back to the pastures. Forest and Marley were neighing loudly and distracted that they didn’t even notice that Buttons had gotten ahead of them. They both snorted and ran faster. Little black looked in Kameron’s direction to see her in the window looking at someone the other direction of her! SHE HAD HEARD THEM! Little black went over to Ginger and told her to spread the news before they knew it the horses were all lying on the ground below the black horses. Myles, Finesse, Little black, and Sparks. When Kam went back into the house everyone laughed so hard that their cheeks hurt, when they all calmed down. They all stood up and Buttons spoke up first. “Ok so now it’s my turn to thank everyone…

Well, Forest, we haven’t had this much fun in a long time. Thanks for that and reassuring that our 2 legged friends are safe at home and that they will be back after this THING stops going around I just wanted to say thank you. Well let’s go home guys” all the horses got home safely without any more panic attacks caused by Kameron. When Jared, Kameron, and Annie got up that morning to see all the horses tired and sleeping. Kameron said “I wonder if it really was you guys last night” silently laughed and patted Buttons on the neck.


  1. Thanks so much guys for putting this o the blog!
    this means so much to me!

    1. Nevaeh- is there an email address we can use to contact your mom? If so email it to me:

    2. yes there is she sent it to you but there is one thing about my email. There is a online wall that cant be taken down, so I can only email people with the I have tried to email you and Kam several times. But my mom sent it to you on messanger

    3. I also messed up on some things like the gate opening lesson it wasn't Homer and LB who taught the lesson it was Paddy and Wall E


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